Event Type Lifestyle

These Events are defined through a highlighting of a lifestyle-specific quality.


05sep12:0013:30Lunchtime Uplift Choir

13sep10:1511:15Kensington Walk 'n' Talk

13sep11:3013:00Spanish Lessons for Beginners and Advanced Beginners

19sep18:0019:00Happy Feet Runners

20sep10:1511:15Kensington Walk 'n' Talk

20sep16:4517:45Clwb LegoEvery Wednesday

23sep(sep 23)11:0030(sep 30)17:00Melangell Beeswax Painting

26sep18:0019:00Happy Feet Runners

27sep10:1511:15Kensington Walk 'n' Talk

27sep12:00Bumps to Buggies Walking Group

27sep16:4517:45Clwb LegoEvery Wednesday

27sep18:0021:00Board Game Evening2nd Wednesday of Every Month

27sep20:00The Big Music Quiz

28sep18:0021:00Board Game Evening2nd Wednesday of Every Month

30sep13:0014:30Lunch Club


02oct(oct 2)09:3029nov(nov 29)16:30Free Adult Learning Courses (Brecon)

03oct10:3012:00The Future of Health and Social Care

03oct18:0019:00Happy Feet Runners

04oct10:1511:15Kensington Walk 'n' Talk

04oct16:4517:45Clwb LegoEvery Wednesday

07oct09:3014:30Welsh Physics Teachers Conference

10oct18:0019:00Happy Feet Runners

11oct10:1511:15Kensington Walk 'n' Talk

11oct16:4517:45Clwb LegoEvery Wednesday

17oct18:0019:00Happy Feet Runners

18oct10:1511:15Kensington Walk 'n' Talk

18oct16:4517:45Clwb LegoEvery Wednesday

24oct18:0019:00Happy Feet Runners

25oct10:1511:15Kensington Walk 'n' Talk

25oct16:4517:45Clwb LegoEvery Wednesday

27oct10:0017:00Mayors Charity Fashion Show

31oct13:0014:30Lunch Club

31oct18:0019:00Happy Feet Runners


02oct(oct 2)09:3029nov(nov 29)16:30Free Adult Learning Courses (Brecon)

01nov10:1511:15Kensington Walk 'n' Talk

01nov16:4517:45Clwb LegoEvery Wednesday

07nov18:0019:00Happy Feet Runners

08nov10:1511:15Kensington Walk 'n' Talk

08nov16:4517:45Clwb LegoEvery Wednesday

14nov18:0019:00Happy Feet Runners

15nov10:1511:15Kensington Walk 'n' Talk

15nov16:4517:45Clwb LegoEvery Wednesday

21nov18:0019:00Happy Feet Runners

22nov10:1511:15Kensington Walk 'n' Talk

22nov16:4517:45Clwb LegoEvery Wednesday

29nov10:1511:15Kensington Walk 'n' Talk

29nov16:4517:45Clwb LegoEvery Wednesday


06dec16:4517:45Clwb LegoEvery Wednesday

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